Regardless of whether you’re looking for new Nissan cars for sale or a pre-owned model, the odds are good that someone will share some car buying myths under the guise of them being the truth. Most people don’t share car buying myths on purpose. Some of these myths have been around for so many years that drivers mistake them as being truthful.

While some myths can harm your efforts to negotiate a favorable deal, others are downright funny. One of the most amusing car buying myths we’ve ever heard is that purchasing or leasing a red vehicle will drive up your car insurance premium. When you think about this myth, you can see why it’s so humorous.

Why would an insurance carrier care about the color of your automobile anyway? Clearly, an insurer is going to care about your vehicle’s engine and safety features along with your age, credit score, driving record, and other factors when it’s determining your premium. The company isn’t going to jack up your insurance premium because your car is red.

Another funny car buying myth is that you should dress like a bum so that a salesperson will think you have no money and the person will offer you a bigger discount. If you want to dress down when you visit our Nissan dealership near Stockton, CA, go ahead! It won’t influence our prices one bit.

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