When you visit Tracy Nissan, you can expect to find a team of automotive professionals who treat their customers like family. We’re a Nissan dealer that is obsessed about all things automotive. So, it only makes sense that we’re excited to celebrate this year’s National Car Care Month with you!

National Car Care Month occurs every April, and it is that time of the year when drivers from all around visit Tracy Nissan to have their vehicle thoroughly inspected and serviced. We understand that car care can be a handful, and as such, we’ll go above and beyond to dispel any intimidation and help you celebrate this exciting time of year.

When our customers visit us to participate in National Car Care Month, they often request oil changes. Oil changes are incredibly important, as they swap out old grimy oil, which can dramatically hinder fuel efficiency in the short term and cause some pretty significant mechanical issues in the long-term.

Some of our customers ask for tire inspections and rotations. Your tires are the foundation of your vehicle and should be fully cared for. Our auto care team can evaluate your tires for tread depth, balancing, and air pressure to keep you rolling on through the spring season.

Several of our customers also request to have their air filters changed out. Your engine requires clean air to operate properly and utilizes a series of air filters to make this possible. However, over time these air filters can clog up with debris, by replacing them regularly you can improve fuel economy, and keep your engine running smoothly.

No matter what form of maintenance you’re looking for, the team of auto care technicians in our Nissan services department is here to help you celebrate National Car Care Month in full. At Tracy Nissan, we’re proud to be your one-stop shop for all of your automotive needs.