When you visit Tracy Nissan, you can always expect five-star service, as well as a wide selection of used and new Nissan cars. When customers visit our dealership to purchase a new car, safety is their number one priority, and our team is always excited to show them the kind of safety features found in a Nissan.

It makes sense why safety is a top priority for drivers. The road can seem dangerous, especially for new drivers. Fortunately, thanks to modern innovations in smart technology, driving a car have never been safer.

One popular safety feature for Nissan drivers is blind spot warning. The blind spot warning feature alerts drivers when a car, pedestrian, or obstacle is passing by their blind spot. As a result, drivers can avoid potentially harmful collisions, and are given full awareness of the world around their car.

Intelligent cruise control is another innovation of smart technology found in Nissan vehicles. Intelligent cruise control utilizes a combination of cameras and sensors to deliver a more adaptive form of cruise control wherein the car keeps a safe distance from other cars automatically.

Automatic emergency braking is a top pick for Nissan drivers. This system helps save drivers from potential frontal collisions by activating your brakes ahead of time. Using advanced cameras and sensors, your car calculates the distance to the car in front of you and can activate the brakes before its too late.

Nissan is taking a step into the future with its latest safety features, and things are bound only to improve as the technology improves. If you want to stay up to date with the latest safety technology, the team of auto professionals at our Nissan dealership can help. At Tracy Nissan, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, and we’ll go above and beyond to fulfill any automotive needs you may have.