At Tracy Nissan, our main goal is to provide our customers with the best in customer service. We are a Nissan dealer that cares about more than just selling Nissan brand vehicles, but we also strive to help make your driving experience a great one. An important role in the quality of your driving experience is the health and regular maintenance of your tires.

The tires on your vehicle do a lot more than help you get from point A to point B. While they may not need to receive as much maintenance as your motor oil or your air filters, your tires, they should be inspected on a somewhat regular basis.

Your tires support the weight of your vehicle, reduce drag, and help you keep traction with the road. Bald and under-inflated tires can be dangerous in some instances. For example, a set of bald tires will likely struggle to find traction on the road, especially in poor conditions, which can result in a threatening spin out.

On the other hand, poorly pressurized tires can suddenly blowout that can leave you stranded on the side of the road waiting for automotive assistance. You can regularly inspect your tires yourself by monitoring both the tread levels and the air pressure of your tire.

Inspecting tread can be as easy as looking at it, but many automotive experts rely on the penny-method, by placing a penny in between a piece of tread. If you can still see Abe Lincoln’s head over the tread, it may be time for a swap.

Air pressure can also be evaluated at air pumps and should match the designated pressures in your owner’s manual. Most vehicles even come with pressure sensors that help you keep track.

While you can rely on at-home methods of tire inspection and maintenance, the most effective way of checking your tires is to visit a service center. At our Nissan parts and service center, our automotive professionals can fully evaluate your tires. Your tires are important, and by regularly having them inspected you can stay safe out on the road.