When you have a vehicle that can tow, hauling your landscaping equipment or dropping your boat in the water is a lot easier. If you’ve never towed anything before or you’re simply searching for a vehicle with those capabilities, then swing by Tracy Nissan. We can provide you with a few tips and show you our new Nissan cars for sale.

Let’s begin by explaining the fundamentals of towing. Always take your vehicle’s towing capacity in mind before you hook up a trailer, since this weight varies from model to model. While the Nissan Titan has a towing capacity up to 9,240-lbs., the Nissan Pathfinder only has a maximum towing capacity of 6,000-lbs., meaning you can haul a smaller or larger load, depending on your vehicle of choice. After you hook up your trailer or camper, check your brake lights, signals, and make secure everything is secured. When driving, we suggest wider turns and an increased stopping distance to help you avoid a potential accident. Adjusting the side mirrors in a way that allows you to see the road and the trailer is also important.

Our service center at your local Nissan dealership near Stockton, CA can install the proper wiring components, trailer hitch, and receiver for your convenience so you can gear up for your next adventure as soon as you get home. From repairs to routine oil changes, your Nissan car is in great hands with our certified technicians.

Would you like to learn more about towing? If so, feel free to stop by Tracy Nissan for some insight and to browse our cars for sale. Our dealership is located at 3195 N Naglee Road and we can’t wait to see you!