When you visit Tracy Nissan, you can expect the help of a Nissan dealership that is passionate about earning your complete satisfaction. From our wide selection of Nissan brand vehicles to our skilled and knowledgeable sales team, we will go above and beyond to fulfill all of your automotive needs. One of the many things we often inform our customers about is how GAP insurance can protect them from the loss of a car.

GAP insurance, or guaranteed auto protection, is a form of insurance that protects your wallet from the financial damages of losing a vehicle. GAP insurance is intended to help pay the difference of an auto loan after a vehicle is totaled. For instance, if you total a Nissan Altima with $4,000 left on the auto loan, and receive only $2,000 from the totaling, GAP insurance will likely cover the difference. Without GAP Insurance, the driver in this instance would otherwise be left to pay for the remainder of an auto loan on a car that they no longer own. Essentially, GAP insurance frees up your finances to help you purchase a new vehicle. GAP insurance can also protect you from the financial damages of car theft. While GAP insurance won’t cover things like engine failure and will likely increase the overall cost of your automotive purchase, it can give you peace of mind while on the road. We also recommend that drivers who plan to put miles on their vehicle or prefer to lease their vehicle should strongly consider adding GAP insurance to their purchase, as they will benefit from this form of insurance the most.

For all of your GAP insurance questions and automotive needs, Tracy Nissan can be your one-stop shop. At Tracy Nissan, we strive to provide you with five-star service, by sharing our vast automotive knowledge and helping you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you’re certain to love.